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Giant news for giant pandas


The worldwide population of wild giant pandas increased by 268 over the last decade according to a new survey conducted by the government of China. The increase in population brings the total number of wild giant pandas to 1,864.


EU’s climate and energy vision


Today the European Commission unveiled its vision for an Energy Union, as well as a Communication on the UN climate negotiations, the ‘Paris Protocol’. While these key documents setting out the EU’s future climate and energy plan are a welcome step, they both come with blind spots on how to shift Europe to a low-carbon economy and seriously address climate change.


Shale gas in South Africa


“Unconventional gas” is being heralded by various commentators as a game-changer in global energy supply. The term refers to natural gas that is not readily available for extraction, requiring modification of the geological formations in which it is embedded, most commonly by hydraulic fracturing - high-volume, slick water hydraulic fracturing (HVSWHF, or “fracking”).


More to conservation than APP's clearing halt


Two years after Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) announced a new “forest conservation” policy, APP’s pledge to halt forest clearing has held, but its forests are still disappearing.


World Wetlands Day 2015: Celebrating the Mekong


This World Wetlands Day, we’re celebrating the “Mother of All Rivers” – the Mekong. It is thread that connects all the countries in this region, running from the glaciers of the Tibetan Plateau through southern China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam to the South China Sea.


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